21 July 2015

The kissy kissy shop

Being 4 must feel pretty good. You finally get to master what everyone around you is doing with ease, like walking and running , talking and communicating, going through a day without the afternoon nap or pushing the lowest elevator button.

Being the mother of a 4 year old is truly amazing. Convinced already?! If not, here it is why:
  • I get the most heart melting love signs like when Tudor took my hand and declared: "I love you sweet little hand";
  • I receive surprise kisses. Every once in a while he would say  unexpectedly: "Close your eyes, give me your hand". He takes it and immediately after he says "Open your eyes!" he kisses my hand and I know, once again, that being a mom is grand;
  • At the same time I feel like being a psychologist every now and then when I have to deal with his anger management issues. Because statistically, being a second child is tough and it comes with a quick temper;
  • At night it may also  feel like a improv show, cause when the lights are off T would give me hints and words that I need to use to create bed time stories. He says: "Mama, tell me a story from your thoughts!" and I comply with my eyes half closed and my heart always open for him;
  • Out of the bloom he throws philosophical thoughts like: "It feels so nice living in this house" or "We are such happy kids mom!";
  • He makes me proud because he is so stubborn about doing everything by himself;
  • T really knows how to say thank you. Like when I went on a trampoline with him because it was his first time and he was afraid. Immediately after he felt ok jumping around, he came to me and said: "Thank you for helping me with this, mom". And he was 3 back when he did so, last summer. It was one of our most powerful moments together and the feelings that flooded me on that trampoline are hard to put on paper.
  • this weekend he spilled some milk. I was cleaning the milk on the kitchen floor when he handed me his wet t-shirt. Apparently it had milk on it so he took it off, washed it in the bathroom and handed it to me once he was done.
  • he talks a little bit funny because he can't pronounce the Rs correctly.
  • we have the cutest thing going on: a kissy kissy shop ( magazinul de pupaciti). Whenever he wants me to kiss him he asks: "Is the kissy kissy shop open, mom?" and I always reply "But of course, the shop is always open for you". He then comes and the tenderness begins to both our pleasure.

You see, I love him to infinity now when he's 4 and forever.

P.S. this is part of my intention of writing a love story for my boys at least once a year, around their birthday. Other birthday letters from previous years

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