3 June 2015

How I feel at 35

With Cristian, 6 years ago

The thing is, I only have a slight idea about how I felt 10 years ago, or 5 years ago. Like 10 years ago I was waiting for a marriage proposal, or 5 years ago I was almost pregnant with Tudor. So, I remember big things, but not exactly how I felt. For sure, I felt young and beautiful at 25 and settled at 30 with the family I always wished for.

5 years fast forward things are getting more and more complex, especially in the family department. Love is not what it used to be, kids are demanding, husband is selfish and work is challenging. I'm left with little to no time for myself, which you can easily notice by the low frequency I post here. Which hurts, because writing is so therapeutic for me.

Looking back at 34, it was the most complicated year. I find it harder to strive for a work-life balance and I wish for more time with the kids. Because I realize that 10 years from now they won't look for my company that much. Now's the time to enjoy each other and I try to build happy memories with them.

I turn 35 today, which is not that big of a deal for me. But excitement found its way in my life yesterday when I started getting presents and birthday wishes. So I kept on feeling better and better. Birthdays should be fun, after all!

Here is how I feel at 35 and some of the things I learnt in the last 10 years:
  • love is the most wonderful  thing to give: be it in the form of time, attention, nice words or help;
  • gratitude is the key to having a good life. Happiness is overrated, everyday joy is what I am aiming for;
  • change is not to be expected, is to be made. The world will not change for me, but I should change to make my world a better place. A place I enjoy living in;
  • marriage is the most complicated thing. It requires a lot of patience, tolerance and kindness;

  • raising kids is complicated, too . But with kids, the infinite love you have for them makes it all easier, not to mention they have a way of making you smile in the strangest circumstances;
  • I am the only person responsible for my happiness. And there are nights when I go to bad in sadness. But, fortunately, I get to live another morning and I get to reboot again. I start fresh and I forget and let go... I let the sun and the daylight in...
  • I will never be as young as I am today, so I like me, most days...
  • kindness is not the easy way through life, but it will get you to sleep in peace;
  • the 8 hour sleep may be the only panacea out there. You should try it, too.
Friday night fun with Cristian behind the camera and Tudor in front of it

Life is complicated but, in the end, there are only few things that really matter.
Choose wisely and always look on the bright side of life!

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