16 April 2015

Wedding gown inspiration: the bold and the beautiful

Every girl wants to be a princess, at least for a day. You know, THAT day... All those fairy tales we listened to in our childhood are to blame. But, at the end, feeling like a princess isn't bad at all. And some dreams should be pursued. Like the one where you are wearing a spectacular gown and you feel princessy at least for a day. I already had my special day. Even so, I still enjoy looking at wonderful wedding gowns. Like the one Cinderella is wearing in the 2015 Disney movie. You can learn more about the creative process here.

Elegant is good but bold is even better. I was totally taken by this leather wedding dress by Maria Korovilas. It looks appropriate for wedding anniversaries too, so I can dream of wearing something similar on our 10 year anniversary.

Which one do you like best?

A dress a day keeps the doctor away!

Credit photo: the coveteur , Vanity Fair

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