7 April 2015

The only words that matter

Most days we get distracted. Life offers infinite options that tire us to exhaustion. Since fall, I have had so much  on my plate that I could barely hear my thoughts. The thoughts that I enjoy putting in writing so much. Everything else came first. And that's ok for a while. Things are starting to settle, so I started talking to myself again.

Most days we get distracted. From the only things that matter in life: ourselves and our close circle of family and friends. We should come first. Always, in the most unselfish way. If one falls, everything around will follow.

Most days we get distracted. Balance is so personal that each one of us has his own recipe to obtain it. However there are 3 ingredients always on the list: love, gratitude and forgiveness. We are humans and we should use the language that differentiates us from the animals to say the only things that matter:

Thank you
I love you
Forgive me
I forgive you

Listen to this TED talk and you'll see why is as simple as that. Life is simple. Don't get distracted!

A word a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. about changes and why it's later than you think

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