11 April 2015

Our first Easter basket

It's the first Easter we are spending in Bucharest, away from our families. First time I dye eggs, first time Cristian dyes eggs. A little bit late for me, early for him, so the average is ok.

I thought it would be fun to get some help from the boys, but since Tudor had a very long afternoon nap, Cristian and I enjoyed this by ourselves. You can easily see the colour is not even and, of course, we could have done it better. But sharing this moment was the most colourful memory I could ever hope for.

To make it even more special, I included the art projects the boys did this week at school and kindergarten. This way Tudor contributed too with a nice bunny and the card he made. Cristian painted the hen witch is also an egg holder.

I hope you will build a lot of wonderful memories with your loved ones this Easter.

Have a colourful and happy Easter!

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