4 April 2015

2 minute 2 ingredient Tiramisu-like snack

My kids are long-time fans of tiramisu. They even like taking part in the preparation, but hate to wait for the cooling time required. Last weekend, I had some ladyfinger biscuits in the house so I thought I put them to good use. I had some fruit yoghurt too and I came up with this tiramisu-like snack that was ready in 2 minutes. The boys love it, so we did it again this weekend:

500 gr fruit yoghurt
12 ladyfingers biscuits (one pack)

Additional toppings:
almond flakes

The biggest challenge would be to find a container that exactly fits 6 biscuits. Then you have a layer of biscuits, one of yoghurt and another layer of biscuits and another layer of yoghurt. The first time I used some orange zest on the biscuits, to replace the coffee I would normally use for tiramisu. It is not necessary, the yoghurt is enough to soft them down.

As a topping you can use whatever you prefer: chocolate chips, cinnamon, nuts, almonds or even Nesquik.


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