26 March 2015

On repeat- Seynabo Sei

This spring I fell in love with Stockholm. Although I am back in Bucharest for some time now, I still think abut the city every day. Luckily, Stockholm found his way back home with me in the form of the Swedish singer Seinabo Sey. It was one of the small coincidences I enjoy so much.

Here are some of her songs, if you'd like:
River is excellent in the morning to get you energized for the day;
You is more for an aching soul with a beat very much like a heart beat. I love it!;
Younger is the hit that made her famous;
Pistols at Down has a little U2 vibe; 
Hard time sounds excellent too.

What are you musically obsessed about these days?


P.S. other favorites of mine

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