27 March 2015

Almost embarassed about...

This week I decided I should dress more like the responsible grown up that I am. Although I'm more in favor of dresses and skirts a girl needs pants for those days when you don't feel like putting too much thought into dressing or when your legs are not ready to be shown to the world.

The reality is I only own jeans and only 1 pair is work appropriate. So I decided I need some classic pants to wear at work. That was easy, I made this decision  in seconds. The execution, however was almost embarrassing.

First things first: I entered a store and eventually picked up a pair to try. As the shop assistant approached me I asked for a 40 (size). She measured me and said ok. I'm telling you there was no "I'll give you a 40" look "but you should try a 50 instead".

In the dressing room, the moment of truth, I couldn't button my pants. I was nowhere near 40 so I asked for 2 size bigger. Embarrassment was just around the corner. For some reason the lady brought me only one size bigger to try and , of course, they didn't fit. Now I looked shame in the eyes and said no : "You are not a model and it's ok." The next size was almost OK and I was almost embarrassed. Just like I realized I'm almost fat.

6 or 7 tries away I found an acceptable pair and it was size 46. Happy to find pants that fit me but no so happy about the size. My surprise was even bigger cause I wear 38 in jeans...I should have stuck with jeans.

When I came home, the first thing I did was to tell all about it to A. At least he would be happy to make jokes for a long time now. We will both laugh about it, but for me it won't be that funny. He said he will call me 46. You can, too. Maybe this way, this time, I will do something about it...

Even so, to tell you the truth, I wasn't embarrassed, just almost embarrassed...

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