4 February 2015

Style crush: mix and match

Source: TheSartorialist
Every once in a while TheSartorialist posts a photo I just can't get my eyes off. As I am starring at this nice lady, all sorts of thoughts are running through my head:

  • powder pink goes with everything;
  • wearing black shoes and brown bag, like I do, can be quite a fashionable combination;
  • thanks God she is not wearing sneakers like everybody else these days;
  • mixing prints fascinates me as I am learning to play more with this;
  • I need a vest in my wardrobe asap;
  • layering is an art I would love to master some day;
  • a nice hat goes a long (fashionable) way;
  • scarves are such a great purchase, and they can be the focus of every outfit;
  • pockets are really great, especially when you don't know what to do with your hands; and they keep you warm too;
  • even the most discreet smile is for sure your greatest accessory.

A style lesson a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. I wanna be like her and real headturner

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