7 January 2015

The best definition of getting married

Grace Kelly getting married

There are quite a few people around me engaged to be married. It feels like a breeze of hope for me, being married for more than 8 years now. It kind of reminds me of why I did it in the first place and it's nice to see that "love is all around us".

This past vacation I waited for "the kiss" quite a lot in the "What if" movie. And it was worth it since, while waiting, I found the best definition of getting married:

"Look, one thing I like about getting married, is that you can stand up in front of everyone you care about and state it for the record that you believe in the best case scenario."

The commitment and being able to keep it till the end of time is the best case scenario. The relationship will have its ups and downs, love transforms over time, your partner does change just enough to not like him/her anymore. But the best case scenario is to patiently wait for the days when he is cute again and you can feel the love again. So, best case scenario is not really just good, it's good and bad. It just is. Normal for each and every one of us...

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