11 January 2015

Snow is a kind of magic

Snow is a bit like magic. It transforms the dull grey scenery around us in beautiful white masterpiece. And it must be our childhood too that makes us so happy when the first snow comes to town. This past winter holiday we enjoyed an unexpected snow away from home and also its continuation in the backyard of our grey block of flats. Snow is fun everywhere...


The boys tried to build a casemate, had snowball fights with all the kids in the playground. It was really relaxing being both there with them and also with my mind wandering and thinking back about some of the best childhood memories.

Away, at Curtea de Arges

I haven't packed appropriately, so Tudor had socks instead of gloves but the fun was the same anyway.

Have a nice winter with snow and everything else that makes you happy!

P.S. Other snow fun moments : playground at 1800m and in the Ciucas Mountains

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