1 January 2015

My 3 words for 2015

Festina lente

2014 felt like a marathon most days. There is a school mom that I know from a distance and I noticed that even though they are running late, they are far from running. She walks so patiently and elegantly. Time is a gift and I need to enjoy every minute of it and take off some of the pressure I've been feeling this past year. There is no way I can slow down, but I need to choose a friendlier pace.
Like Alain de Botton is saying in his School of Life series, I have to  bring perspective to my needlessly intense and preciously brief life.


I don't like the woman/wife I've become this past year. I cannot find excuses in the ways I would like my husband to change because, truth is, I can't expect "the world" to change for me. I have to change for the world and for my marriage. I want to be the kind of wife I would like to wake up with if I were a man: inviting, warm and playful.


I will be turning 35 next summer. Beauty is not to be taken for granted after a certain age. I want to take more good care of me: body and soul. I would like to age gracefully and now's the time to start working on this. 20 years from now I picture myself with a nice smile on my face that comes with the confidence I did everything I could to "preserve" myself and the happiness I enjoyed every day of this beautiful life.

Enjoy the gift of time and everything 2015 has to offer!

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