28 January 2015

12 tips for organising your wardrobe

When you have 3 sleepyheads to get ready and out of the house each working day morning, it's tough to find more than 5 minutes to yourself. So, this Friday, when I found myself in front of my wardrobe still wandering what to wear after 2 minutes of staring, I knew I had to reorganize my clothes asap. And so I did on Friday afternoon after I got back home. Here is my thinking process that you may find useful too. The tidier your wardrobe, the easiest your mornings will be:

  1. review everything you have on hangers. I had off season dresses and pants that I put away in the back of my wardrobe until their time will come;
  2. everything that is left on hangers is grouped in sections: skirts, T-shirts, blouses and shirts, dresses, jackets;
  3. I store jewelry right under the hangers in special containers like an Ikea drawer set and a rings box;
  4. to maximise the space I have for hangers I took my blue-jeans off the hangers, plied them in 3 and stored them on the shelves;
  5. on the top shelf I have things I reach out for more frequently, like night ware;
  6. I grouped every item on shelves by utility: pants, sweaters,T-shirts, etc. ;
  7. on the top shelf I have night ware and light sweaters, the middle shelf has pants and thick sweaters and the bottom one has house wear and others;
  8. for each pile I put the items I use more frequently on top;
  9. everything else that doesn’t fall into a category can be stored at the bottom of one of the piles. Like a light red jacket I stored at the bottom of my pants section;
  10. I maximised the space by rolling 3 sweaters and put them in the space I had left on the top shelf, a space that couldn’t fit any other folding;
  11. I stick to the space I have for all the items I own. I store socks separately, jackets in the hallway, also shoes and bags, but everything else I own is in this wardrobe. If you'd like here are my tips for a pleasant closet edit;
  12. for a final touch, beautify the doors with your preferred magazine cutouts. It will not only remind you of the beautiful teenage days when you had posters all over the walls, but also serve as a style inspiration each morning.

Anthony Bourdain says: “Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride” and enjoy getting dressed every day!

P.S. 12 tips for packing toiletries and Style tips from "The Sartorialist: Closer"

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