18 December 2014

The best Christmas gift for kids

Kids, they have so many wishes, just like us, the grown ups. The only thing that sets us apart is kids are very vocal about what they want. Santa is informed of everything they have on their list, early in the winter,  and the lucky ones are getting exactly what they asked for. But let's face it, the best presents are those that take you by surprise, the ones that you didn't see coming.

So it was exactly like this with a LED Mini Party Light my boys found in the house this afternoon when we got home. The kids kept singing and spinning and they had the best time with the lights off and the party light on.

Can you spot them in the picture above? Everybody was thrilled about our mini disco in the hallway, even Pufi chased the lights in the beginning.

So, don't you think your kids would love it, too?

P.S. the grown ups version that can be an interesting Home tip- disco ball and How to have fun with kids indoors

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