28 December 2014

Nailed it- earthy Christmas

What did you wear for Christmas this year? I planned on wearing this cardigan I ordered a few days ago and jeans. But I got a very nice fluffy sweater from my mom and I really enjoyed wearing it. However it was only late at night on Christmas day that I got the chance to do my nails so I can really feel put together. I was in my pajamas at that point, so you can easily imagine how "elegant" I looked then. Anyways it was fun cause Cristian was there too and was kind of an assistant handing me the bottles and helping me.

The good news is I may finally be over my blue preference that haunted me this hole year. I chose a more neutral, earthy tone this Christmas with a funny name -"I Sao Paolo over there", from Opi's Brazil Collection, but of course. It may take me a couple of more years to get over my preference for Opi, but that's another story.

It's amazing, even for me, how much I could go on about nail polishes, painting my nails and the experience around it. It must be something that I really enjoy, isn't it? Ha ha...

One thing before I go - the inspiration came from Katherine Heigl in State of Affairs. Have you tried this new series?

A pleasure a day keeps the doctor away!

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