30 December 2014

My gift to you ...

I think I neglected to tell you who's my celebrity crush for a while now. Do you have one? Mine is just perfect: handsome, successful, funny and accessible. Accessible on TV, of course. It's Jimmy Fallon, did you guess? He is just great. And his show is even greater when he brings guests like Seinfeld.

So, my gift to you for this holidays season is a little bit of laughter directly from the best comedian out there. Seinfeld's stand up piece on The Tonight Show is as funny as it can get but also tought provoking. Now that I watched it I'm having second thoughts about buying that nice bag I set my mind on a week ago...

 Have you learnt what cupboards and drawers are for?
And if you want more of these exquisite 2 men check out their Comedians in cars getting coffee.Why did people stop having fun?

Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

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