14 December 2014

Munich in my eyes

There are some things that I really like about my relationship with A. We are very direct with each other and we are not overthinkers. So we were very quick to decide a destination for a small getaway in Munich when we saw a good deal on plane tickets. A few months fast forward ( that's how life goes on these days, on fast forward, isn't it?!) we are back home. Even with a not so friendly weather we enjoyed the time we had to ourselves, slowing down and doing all the touristy stuff. So here are some photos on a grey weather but with a good spirit:

Marianplatz Christams market

A fairy Window Dressing

Inner courtyard of the Deutsches Musem

The huge and impressive Mining Section of the Deutsches Musem

You are Chemistry writing on the wall in various languages

Details of a nice Apotheke also in the Museum

The loveliest Christmas Tree in the Museum's shop

A colorful carpet shop

A nice garden decoration

New Town hall facade

Feeling royal at the Cuvillies Theatre
It was very nice to spend 4 days in a rich and generous city where busses come on time and where there's a man at the zebra watching for the kids crossing the street to school in the morning.

P.S. London in my eyes and more about Munich next week: at the BMW museum, Castles in the fog, Bavarian culinary diary

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