31 December 2014

If I could wear anything - this winter

Burberry coat

It's the 31st of December so it's only natural that the first think on my mind when I woke up this morning was what to wear tonight. This, and the starters I will bring to the party. Since there won't be a fancy party I never even thought about my outfit before today, but nevertheless I want something to make me feel good when I will be greeting 2015. 

If I could really wear anything today I would choose the simplest dress I already own, paired with this Burberry coat above, the UGG fury bag and the splendid Chloe boots that my favourite fashion blogger is wearing.

Source: Sea of Shoes
 What will you be wearing tonight and where are you spending the New Year's Eve?

P.S. my favorite dress in the world and the dress I would have worn last year

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