12 tips on how NOT to shop on-line

4 days to Christmas and the shopping frenzy is at its best. Or better said its worst. Days like these, one may be tempted to shop online,  cause it's so much easier.
But isn't it too easy? Everything you may see on the internet is a few clicks away, you don't even need to do that tyring part of trying everything on. And , on top of that, you don't pay either. Not in the instant you order, or at least not in cash .Because it doesn't feel like paying and it takes no going back and forth to the fitting room, it feels so easy. And that's what they are counting on.

I'm not too much of an on-line shopper. Although I follow mycloset every day, I only placed an order 5 times this year. Since I feel good whenever I refrain myself from reckless shopping, I thought I'd share with you my "strategy" for giving it a second thought. This way, I feel even better when I find something worth my money:

  1. search for that product on google in order to compare prices and see if that offer would be a fair deal for you;
  2. a very low price may be an indication of a low quality, not necessary a good offer
  3. if the price is fairly right, search for pictures, videos and reviews. You may find that the colour looks different on another site;
  4. read the reviews if any, they will tell you about the quality, if shoes are true to measures, to colour etc;
  5. see if similar products that google returns aren't better. I set my mind on some clogs at some point but when I saw the similar products from the same company and liked them better, I reached the wise conclusion they wouldn't be the best choice for me;
  6. is it a form and fit that does you good? Compare it with what you already have. For example I don't by pumps online since my feet doesn't fit all the boot trees out there even if the size is right;
  7. do you already have something just like it ? Maybe you don't need yet another black , mid heel shoes;
  8. do you trust the brand that made it?
  9. would you bought it if it weren't on sale?
  10. buy off season, one should buy a sleigh in the summer, like we say around here;
  11. limit your shops. I only visit one section of one on-line shop and sometime I go shop for books but that's about it, more shops means more offers means more luring;
  12. sleep on it- if you made a choice after you found something on-line, let at least a couple of hours before you finalize the order. It may not be there then but in those situations I always say "It was not meant to be";
If all the above fail, buy it and be happy with it. We deserve a little treat from time to time. Like this cardigan that arrived today. Sometimes I just  can't help it :)

 Happy shopping,  especially in this crazy shopping season!

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