8 December 2014

12 things to do in Winter

Where did fall go?! I can't believe is winter already and since it's here we'd better enjoy it while it lasts. So here is how I'm thinking of having fun this winter of 2014-2015:

  • buy a colorful wool scarf to pimp up my 6 year old winter coats (done it, and I really love the results);
  • be a tourist. As chilly as it may get, it is less crowded and overall very nice to discover new territories with their specific winter beauty;
  • visit a Christmas market;

  • watch again "Home Alone" with the family, and "Love Actually" with the girl friends (I'm sure there is a movie out there for boys, maybe you can tell me which one);
  • think about your 3 words for the new year;
  • drink a lot of tea, this is my favorite;
  • ask yourself if you've been good this year;
  • buy a beautiful pajamas to wear on new year's eve;
  • learn to make eggnog and dulce de leche at home;

  • be creative. Creativity is food for soul, for me it's writing here, so I'm back, for good, or so I hope;
  • read an easy cheesy book to relax with, like "The Christmas Surprise" ;
  • follow the GG rule: be generous and grateful;

Have a fairy winter!

P.S.  additional 15 things to do in Winter

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