4 November 2014

The little sir

I must have told you already the kind of conversations going on at dinner time. Actually there isn't just one kind, but all kinds. One day, Cristian was already at the table when Tudor joined after having washed his hands:

C: You're so cool, Tud * ! Mom, did you do that? Cristian was referring to Tudor's wet spiky hair
M: No, he did it all by himself.
C: Tudor, if you teach me I'll accept you in my band.
M: Do you have a band?
C:  Yes, a secret band.
M: What kind of band? Dancing, singing?
C: A band of cool guys who know how to make cool stuff with their hair.
T: OK, I'll teach you.

Minutes later, after drinking his milk, Tudor realises he has a milk moustache and says laughing:
T: I look like a little sir !**

A joke a day keeps the doctor away!

RO: * Ce misto esti, Tud , ** Arat ca un domnulet

P.S. when Cristian had a cool haircut and other funny stuff my boys say
P.S. just in case you're wandering, the picture shows Cristian trying to prove to Tudor that he is bigger, at breakfast one day.

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