22 November 2014

Are you still young?

What were the things that you really enjoyed doing when you were in your 20s? If you are still in your 20s, I am happy for you, keep on having fun!

Even back when I was a little girl I enjoyed dancing , reading, listening to good music, writing. Oh yes, I started with a little notebook that was my personal journal and continued through my teenage years. But as I entered adulthood and started raising a family, I was not at the center of my life anymore. There was no time for dancing, I was too careful at the sounds my little ones were doing to listen to music and I lost myself on the way. And I missed me and I still do sometimes. I knew it was wrong so little by little, I made time for writing, started dancing with my boys while listening to good music and once in a blue moon I went out to dance like a crazy woman.

There were 2 blue moons these past weeks and I had so much fun dancing at midnight, the time when I am normally sound asleep taken down by all the things I put energy into during the day. It was around midnight, that I realized, if I can still go out and dance the night away, and be so happy with it, I am still young. Sometimes I find the time to read and write too. Turns out, deep inside I am still me...

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

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