4 October 2014

Style crush: Amal Clooney

Going on 35 with no style icon feels incomplete. You almost feel sorry for me, don't you? As if this wasn't enough I also feel like I've been living under a rock, because I don't watch TV or read the news. This is why I was the last person in the world to find out that Clooney got married. To a fabulous, smart, successful woman. As if all these weren't enough her style is to die for.

Since last Sunday I've been constantly googeling Amal and I love everything I could find. She looks cool in jeans with a short top and also stunning in her white pant-suit she wore for the civil wedding ceremony.

The outfit that really made her my new style icon is this one:

I especially like the fact that her bag doesn't match her shoes and even her shoes don't match each other. All the shoes I've seen on her are really great.

First, I didn't like her wedding dress, thinking it didn't have a twist. But I immediately realized it was so elegant that any twist would make it less perfectly elegant. Here you can find full media coverage for the big wedding.

Source: here

I will be following her from a googling distance for more style inspiration.

Who is your style inspiration these days?

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