10 October 2014

It's OK - to have a crappy day

Today, at 9 p.m. I was so full of guilt I could explode. Of course I should spare you the details but "it's my blog and I cry if I want to". In no particular order here are some of the things I was feeling guilty about:
  • not anticipating some technical problems at work;
  • the fact that I was still working when I should have put the kids to bed;
  • my boys not listening when I told them to start their bedtime routine;
  • my weight, or my lack of ambition when it comes to loosing weight;
  • the tantrums Tudor keeps throwing, because I know he just tries to tell me something, and it's not good;
  • not getting enough sleep;
  • being on the run all day;
  • not getting enough time to read lots of bedtime stories to my kids;

At first I gave up, put myself to bed for one minute, telling kids they are on their own and they should just manage. Little by little things were getting better:
  • kids said sorry;
  • my hubby hugged me and helped with the kids;
  • I hold both Tudor and Cristian in my arms when reading the stories;
  • I put them to sleep while running my fingers through their hair. Tudor told me I should never stop.
  • I received a nice thank you note, work related.
  • I took the time to write a little (this post).
Days like these 2 things may help:

1. A checklist to see how lucky you are
  • Are you dying, to your knowledge, in the near future? This article is so touching and definitely worth reading.
  • Is your close family fairly healthy?
  • Do you live on the streets?
  • Do you have food to put on the table?
If your answers are: no, yes, no, yes, you should feel lucky.

2. Reaching out for love. Get ( free ) hugs, caress somebody to sleep, or whatever form of giving and receiving love you prefer.

I do realize this post is not "pink". Life can feel less "pink" sometime, even when you have more than you ever wished for. Tomorrow is another day, and chances are it will get better.

Forgive yourself ! I almost did it, too :)

A forgiveness a day keeps the psychiatrist away! :)

P.S. 12 things I need to be happy and It's about the gap

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