9 October 2014

Coucou love

- Mom, I would tell you something but you'd feel ashamed.
- No, I won't feel ashamed!
- I'm telling you you'd feel ashamed.
- Come on, tell me.
- I'm in love...
- Is it with the girl you told me about the first days of school?
- No, I'm in love with Sara.
- I am happy for you!
- One day I wanted  to hold her hand, in the sports class, and she said "Coucou". It meant No... Maybe I should go tell her, that I am in love with her. One boy from "after-school" went to the girl he liked and told her.
- And what did she say?
- I don't know, he didn't tell me. Maybe I should send her a paper plane with a message, signed Cristian.

The day after:

- Cristian, are you still in love?
- Yes... I should make a paper plane with a message and send it to her. Or maybe a boat, or a heart. Mom, do you know how to make a paper heart?
- Yes, I do. But you can do it yourself and I will help you.
- I can make a heart and write on it and sign it, Cristian.

So, we already have a plan for this weekend. I'll help my big boy with a big heart make love notes.
Love is grand, even when you're six, or better said, especially when you're six.

A love note a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. other nice conversations we are having in the dark, before boys go to sleep: Doctor or hospital , The patient and the scientist

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