15 September 2014

The first day of school

There are good days, bad days, plain days... Some days, even though you don't know how they would look like, you do know, way in advance, it will be one of those days you'll never forget.

In Romania, 15th of September holds a special meaning because it's when the new school year starts. This year it was extra special for me because Tudor started kindergarten and Cristian started school. Even though I was there for both, I can hardly believe I am that old, I have a son going to school now.

I was just a little nervous and even more excited about the future. Cristian's future and how the world will start to unfold in front of his eyes through school. I am looking forward to the days when he will outsmart me in every possible way.

He made me proud today, especially when we left the playground where he played before we went to pick Tudor up. He knew we were about to cross the street and he said:
- Mom, can we please cross the street on the zebra?
We normally do so but he was just trying to show me what he learnt from the crosswalk safety campaign going on in school. I am sure this is only the beginning and we will learn a lot of valuable lessons in the years to come.

As if the day was not adventurous enough, because of a power outage late in the afternoon, we ended up climbing 7 storeys in the dark and having dinner in the candle light. The kids were so happy to finally put their flashlights to a good use. A highly expected day deserves an unexpected end, don't you think so?! Haha

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