27 September 2014

Nailed it- glittery dots

As much as I enjoy my work and my life in general, time away from work is just perfect. As soon as we returned home from our 2 week vacation at Arsenal Park and at the Bulgarian seaside, I thought of ways to make the transition to the day-to-day routines easier. I couldn't find much, cause it's kind of impossible to measure up to quality time with your loved ones.

There was just one thing that put a smile on my face and brought me a little bit of the summer vacation feeling:  my glittery dotted pedicure, Polka.com by OPI.

It was the only way I could still have summer at my feet. And I still do, to keep that warm happy feeling of vacation with me.

A pedi a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. code pink for blue Monday and brownies

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