26 September 2014

How to not quit your dreams

I think about quitting my blog writing every week. But for the last couple of days it was really serious. With all the changes in my life's routines, I was totally messed up and had no spare time at all. I even fantasied about writing a final "adieu" note, that would have been followed by a lot of comments saying: "Please, pretty please don't stop writing. I enjoy your blog so much, blah, blah...". And then, I woke up for the day dreaming and realised that life will go on as perfectly as possible without my silly blog in the picture.

After a while, I read some of the previous posts and enjoyed them myself so much that I knew I had to go on. Even if it is for my pleasure only. Unfortunately we, the humans, are constantly looking for validation and when it's not happening is hard to get going. And times like this, we need a cure. We need to find a way. And I think I find it: Diana Nyad talking at TED about her 53-hour swim from Cuba to Florida. These 15 minutes of the talk may well change your life.

Here are some of the things she says:
"You have a dream, you have obstacles, as we all do. If you believe in perseverance as a great human quality you'll find your way"
"Every day of our lives is epic"

"Be bold, be fearless! ... Think about your dream"

While thinking about quitting, without even realising it, I entered the 3rd year of my blog. And I'll try to keep this journey going. For as much as I can, as imperfectly as I can.

Never, ever, give up! But if you ever consider quitting, listen to Diana Nyad at TED!

A dream a day keeps the doctor away!


  1. Just wanted to say that I just found your blog, and I really like it.. :)

    1. So very nice of you to take the time and write this. You made my day!