29 September 2014

Harvest Fest

Before this weekend, even though October is knocking at the door, I was still thinking about summer. Going to the Harvest Fest this Saturday finally made me realise that fall is here.

The kids loved it. They spent one week of their summer vacation at the countryside, but other then this, they are city boys. This fair was the closest they will get to harvest, to what autumn is really about. Everybody had their own favourites: A. liked the lamb pastrami smell, Cristian enjoyed the pumpkins with all their interesting forms. I named all the vegetables we passed by for Tudor and he liked it a lot. We all took the time to look at how stum (grapes juice) was made right in front of us and we bought one bottle home to enjoy it in the days to come. The scarecrow was also a favorite for Tudor.

Autumn is here! Make the best of it!

A fair a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. In the steam train and The National Village Museum visit

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