11 August 2014

The most wanderful thing, for Cristian

When you're six life can instantly turn from ordinary to extraordinary. Unfortunately we kind of lose this superpower on the way, the growing up way. In addition to teaching my boys all sorts of things, I am also trying to learn a few "tricks" from them.

Like this weekend, when I spent another super weekend at my parents' house with my kids. Sunday night we went to see the musical water fountain in the city centre. My boys were blown away by the show. Cristian kept telling me that it was the most wonderful thing he had ever seen and Tudor was just speechless. I felt lucky to be able to hold them in my arms and feel their happiness in the same time. And we didn't even have to go to Vegas :). Happiness is always closer than we think.

A joy a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. at the Pitesti zoo  and 4 things I want to teach my kids

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