20 August 2014

In the army - Arsenal Park

Imagine an 88 acre forest full of military equipment that your kids can conquer the world with, in their imagination; leaving you a little time to breath and finish your meals. We have exactly these and much more at Arsenal Park Orastie.

Cristian was so excited about everything around him that he barely eat anything the first day. Both Cristian and Tudor could easily live in the TAB near our house, that's how many amazing adventures they imagined in there.

The place is an open-air museum that can be visited even if you are not a guest.

When A. made the reservation for 6 days, I thought we might get bored. There is no such risk just a lot of fun for kids and grown-ups too. More on that in the following days including the sites we visited around this place.

A vacation a year keeps the doctor away!

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