22 August 2014

Fire dance

Saturday night, there was a private party at Arsenal Park with a big camp fire. Obviously the boys couldn't stay away, especially since they watched all the preparations. They couldn't care less about the private part.

Cristian was thrilled about it but Tudor was really speechless at first watching with the biggest eyes I've ever seen on him. At some point, he finally said:
            - Look, mommy, the fire is dancing!
Overhearing his comment, one lady from the party was totally charmed by his figure of speech like I was, too.

At some point I was snapping some photos to keep the memory of this beautiful moment alive when this happened. A splendid "dance", a happy coincidence that, in my naivety, I considered a gift, universe's way of smiling back at me. Cause I was surely smiling a lot, too.

A camp fire a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. how to have indoors fun with kids and nice little discussions on antonyms from my boys

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