3 July 2014


I'm far from being an artsy person but whenever I travel, I try to have a good "plate" of culture too. In Istanbul, the Dolmabahce Sarayi hosts the National Palaces Painting Museum. I was not very impressed with the paintings there, just a couple really spoke to me. However, I was touched by this quote on the exhibit leaflet:

"Everyone should stand before a painting as he would before a prince, waiting to see whether it will talk to him, and just like before a prince, he should not address it, because then he would only hear himself"
Arthur Schopenhauer "Distinction and Ordinariness"

I can't say exactly what the painting above says to me, but I just want to look at it to find out. And I'm sure you will hear more about the painter in the next years. Adrian Ghenie painted "The Fake Rothko" and sold it for 1.77 million euros, this week. He is 37 and going famous. And I am proud to be Romanian.

The artist said for The Independent "You cannot paint this with a brush. It's simply the result of an accident. What a fortunate accident!

A painting a day keeps the doctor away!
Aura, Appreciative Joy Curator

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