Happy 6th Birtday, Cristisor!

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of my son, Cristian. To me he is just perfect and smart too, and a philosopher in the making.

Just the other night, while reading the bedtime stories he asks me:
- Mom, what's the difference between a princess and a queen?
- Hm..., maybe the princess is younger and the queen more mature, I answer stupidly but I come back shortly with a better answer:There is only one queen in a country and several princesses
- I know, I know! The queen is more determined whereas the princess is calmer.

I told you already that we have the most amazing conversations in the dark, while I watch them go to sleep. One time, out of the blue, Cristisor starts:
"- Mom, the flowers, you need to water them and take care of them, otherwise they die.
- Yes, you're right. It goes the same with people. People need love, otherwise they are sad.
- The rich ones that don't have love, they are sad, right, mom?! And the poors, they have families, they have love and they are happy when they sell something (I can't imagine, where he got this part from ) and he continues:
   And others, they are grumpy and they always say "Why do I have to do this and that, why, why!!!" and nobody wants to stay by their side anymore.
   This is the difference between the rich, the grumpy and the sad."

I could hardly believe that a 5 year old can go that deep. This conversation to me felt sensational, reassuring and overwhelming to see that C learnt this early in life what happiness is really about.

Thank you, Cri, for making me a mother!
Thank you for giving me the supreme joy of breastfeeding!
Thank you for the compliments you pay me so wholeheartedly!
Thank you for seeding so much love in my heart!

I so love you to pieces! Happy birthday, Cristisor!

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