11 July 2014

For the Dancing and the Dreaming

by SheepSkeleton

And love me for eternity
My dearest one my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I've no need of mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me
But I would bring you rings of gold
I'd even sing you poetry [Valka: Oh, would you?]
And I would keep you from all harm
If you would stay beside me
I have no use for rings of gold
I care not for your poetry
I only want your hand to hold
I only want you near me
To love to kiss to sweetly hold
For the dancing and the dreaming
Through all life's sorrows and delights
I'll keep your laugh inside me
I'll swim and sail on savage seas
With ne'er a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of life
If you will marry me

A little bit of poetry, a little bit of dancing and a little bit of romance - this was my treat at "How to train your dragon 2". Here you can listen to Gerard Butler (Stoick) and Cate Blanchett (Valka) singing this nice little song: For the Dancing and the Dreaming

Families are forever and it takes two to tango, that's what they say, don't they ?!

A love dance a day keeps the doctor away!

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