19 July 2014

Another little adventure: Corbii de Piatra/ The Stone Ravens

We have quite a rainy summer here in Romania. Fine with me since lately I've been enjoying my share of walking in the warm summer rain. And speaking of rain, a few months back we had a nice little adventure, Cristian and I. Unlike our visit to Poenari Castle, I was glad Tudor fell asleep in the car on our way there cause, at times, it was difficult for me to stand on the slippery wet ground, let alone carrying Tudor.

The rupestral church Corbii de Piatra (the Stone Ravens) is an enigma, embedded in stone, hidden as a cave in the mountain's wall. It is certainly one of a kind , its earliest dating going back to the II nd century A.D. More about it on the official site.  The rain didn't stop us for enjoying this unique place and the climbing on the big stone there.

We made it back in one piece although we proved to be "rusty" on our way back. The kids were much more braver than we were and they got back first. The mud, the rain were there to make this even more interesting and evidence that you can have fun any weather and anywhere.

An adventure a day keeps the doctor away

P.S. Stairway to Poenari Castle and 2 other pictures from there with some "wisdom" on the side.


  1. This was quite an adventure. I still remember that lady that was too scared to climb down the rock and just stayed there ...