21 July 2014

About Batman, a guilt gift and how to calm down your woman

Yesterday I saw this cool video from Jay Leno's Garage about the Batman's tumbler. It was fascinating even for me, a car-free girl. I thought I'd share it with you and then, while watching the latest Suits episode I came across this hilarious scene, which to me was better. Donna enters Mike's office totally pissed and starts giving him a lecture when Mike interrupts her:

Mike                  - Amy did you send Donna the package?
Donna                - Guilt gift, didn't open it!
Mike's assistant - It was a Balenciaga, classic town bag
Donna                - Ivory?
Mike's assistant - Anthracite with an outside pocket

I thought this nice little suggestion on how to calm down a/your woman, when you did something to upset her, may come more handy ( for the 54% men reading my blog, says Google Analytics) And yes, kisses are sweet and love is grant but sometimes gifts are sweeter and more efficient to make up for any guilt you may be bearing.

Don't get me wrong, we, women, are far from guilt-free, it's just that we have different ways of making up for our misbehaviour.

A gift a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. the perfect love gift and a nice song to set the mood right

Credit photo: purseblog

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