5 July 2014

A grocery bag story

A few days ago I witnessed this conversation of a young couple leaving a grocery in our neighbourhood. She was carrying a bag, he was empty-handed so he tells her:
      - Give me the bag!
      - No, it's ok, I can carry it, says the woman.

Of course she can, but why on earth would she want to? Do we, women, have to prove ourselves even when we go grocery shopping? Isn't what we do every day enough already?! I am the queen of my castle and I wouldn't want, not even for a second, to be a king. I want to remember each day that I need to be pretty, not tough ; just like men need to be powerful, not pretty. And yes, metrosexuals are too much for me just like women that only know how to be tough and powerful.

Men and women, we are so beautifully different, why would anyone want to mix and mess the two?

P.S. can women have it all?!
Later edit: what scares me the most is that men will eventually stop asking if women keep saying "no, I can do it"

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