1 June 2014

Welcome summer!!!

Summer starts with International Children's Day. Is this a coincidence or even better summer's reminder to bring out our inner child and go out and play?!  Summer is just trying to whisper a few things in our years:
  • be more creative;
  • stay playful;
  • be curious;
  • have fun every day;
  • be more vocal when asking for what we want (just like kids do);
  • go outside more to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea;
  • make friends or enjoy conversations with strangers with the ease only kids can master;
  • ask for kisses, hugs and attention with the sense of urgency just like children;
  • throw a tantrum, yes, really, just let go of anger. We may be adults but we still get mad and the best thing to do is scatter these nasty feelings away;
  • enjoy summer's little pleasures: a butterfly, a short rain, an ice cream, long days, warm nights, friends, vacations and the summer state of mind.

Stay young, stay foolish and enjoy summer!

1 comment:

  1. You have a lovely blog <3 I love the summer!!
    kisses ♥