14 June 2014

Such a perfect day - at Carol Park

Last weekend we had a great time in Carol Park. It was love at first sight for me because it is shady and really nice on a hot summer day. Because we had some unfinished business there, today we went there again and we had a lovely time. There are plenty of things to do that can keep you entertained for a day so here is how we had fun today:

1. The National Technical Museum

Cristian was very happy that the museum was open this time. In the museum they were crazy curios and enthusiastic each of them calling me to hurry up cause they had something special to show me all the time. There are all sorts of engines, dynamos, old cars, plant models and really interesting displays there. Like the Edison Dynamo that used to power The National Theatre,  a plane engine, The Old Patent Carriage Car - one of the first cars in Bucharest, the first aerodynamic car in the world invented by Aurel Persu, an electric car made around 1950- Soleta, mine models, and really a lot of other interesting stuff. I am sure we will be back especially when they will start learning physics in school so that they can understand more

2. There are some nice playgrounds there, but at some point it started to rain so we headed to a restaurant in the park. It had a playground of its own so the boys were happy to continue playing and I was happy to have a chat with my best friend

3. On our way to the lake Tudor was very sleepy and Cristian found what it seemed to be a cave to him. He realized it wasn't but he escalated the rock and I took a picture, of course. Can you spot him in the picture below :)


4. We couldn't leave without a boat ride. Cristian wanted to paddle also, soon I will be the one relaxing on the side.

5. In the afternoon there was an "invasion" of brides. I haven't seen so many brides in one place ever before. All the couples were there to take nice pictures of this important day in their lives.

There are squirrels in the park too, we've seen horses, turtles in the lake, little ducks, swans, very beautiful flowers, good ice cream...We'll be back for more really soon.

How is your weekend?

P.S. another Saturday out with Di and Tudor

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