5 June 2014

My tear-free trick for washing kids hair

Bath time for kids can be crazy fun or just crazy.

Little after Cristian was born we figured that a bath on an empty stomach is not quite pleasant for the baby. After this "big discovery" Cristian really enjoyed his bath time and he only let go of his baby bath tub before he was 3 when Tudor was "on his way" to meet our family.

With Tudor was pretty much the same until last summer, when something happened, most likely when he was away at the grandparents. When he got home he didn't even want to put his little feet in the water. It was so crazy that he cried in resistance up to the point when he threw up. I found our way out of this by first washing him in my arms. Little by little he made friends with water again. But washing his hair was still an issue with lots of crying and somehow Cristian picked that too.

Until one sweet Sunday afternoon when  I realized that the solution was right before my eyes the whole time. Or to be more precise in a drawer. It was by chance that Cristian remembered he had swimming goggles from the swimming classes he attended months ago. I found them pretty quickly and they took them to bath to play with. And since they are meant to keep water off the eyes they worked like charm for hair wash time, too.

Now, they take turns for wearing the goggles and whoever is having his hair washed has the swimming glasses on. No more complaints and no tears. How come I never thought about this before?!

A goggle a wash keeps the doctor away!

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