20 June 2014

Miniaturk or Istanbul for kids

I am a child at heart. I just switched to rings and purses from dolls and kitchen sets. I still like to dress up, this will never change hopefully. Maybe this is why when I travel I am also interested in kids attractions. Like the toys museums or, in Istanbul, it was the Miniaturk park. Actually, only when I got there I realised that it was a children's park. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

The park consists of 105 miniatures of famous sites in Turkey done in 1/25th scale. The first section contains mini versions from Anatolia and Ottoman territories outside of Turkey and the second is Istanbul. It's very interesting to see Pamukkale and Cappadocia next to each other.

In addition to the miniatures there is a playground, a place for picnicking, music and more. Each mini has a speaker where you can hear a few information about the place in the language of your preference.

Not only is the energy there so positive because of all the kids around, but this park can give you ideas about what to see next in Istanbul, since all the attractions are there too, but in a smaller size. Great park and great time, navigating through history and beauty!

A park a day keeps the doctor away!

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