29 June 2014

It's about the gap

Researchers, researchers...What would we do without them?!... Well, we owe them the quality of modern life. Every now and then they also look into trivial stuff, and sometimes we agree with them. I agree with this Danish neuroscientist who published a study showing that danceable grooves have just the right amount of gaps or breaks in the beats. "Your brain wants to fill in those gaps with body movement."

So, if you ever wandered what makes Happy so successful, "it may be more about what's missing from the song than what's there". The song is layered with predictable beats and complex, syncopated ones. The drums, the piano, the clapping and even Pharrell's voice create inviting gaps, the researcher says.

You can find other interesting details in the article "Anatomy Of A Dance Hit: Why We Love To Boogie With Pharrell"

We are always trying to fill in the gaps, all sorts of gaps:
Without the gap there's no invitation...
Without distance there's no closeness...
Without thrive there's no success...
Without lust there's no love...

A gap a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. 12 things I need to be happy

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