30 June 2014

Hello, yellow summer!

I can't remember where all started with yellow growing on me. Sometime, this spring, I remember googling "Can blonds wear yellow?". Well, I don't know the fashionably correct answer but I certainly started to enjoy some yellow here and there in my outfits. Just loving it!

Here is what I incorporated so far:

Jewelry: also souvenirs from my trips. 3 years ago I bought the year rings from Prague and this spring I matched them with a ring from Istanbul:

Bag: Longchamp Pliage I got as a birthday present. Thanks, Di!

Skirt: a BSB one I bought on an early sale right before my birthday

Nail polish: of course. OPI "The IT color" that I have on my to do list for tonight

Shoes: yellow and black Musette mules that I don't own but I just dream of

So, what's the IT color for you this summer?

Enjoy the yellow sun and everything summer has to offer!

P.S. summer DOs

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