Happy Birthday, Tudorica!

Tudor is a miracle. My miracle. He is that itsy-bitsy divine part of me that materialised into a baby boy. He is part of my heart that lives outside my body.

Tudor looks like his father and has my tastes in food. He has a quick temper and a certain tenderness too. When he gets mad he crosses his 2 little arms around him and he frowns...

He says please and thank you. He doesn't pronounce "r" but he talks all the time.
He is a little monkey doing everything his older brother does, he tries his best to keep up with him.

He is so funny... Like, one time at dinner table Cristian was trying to get me to do something, can't remember what. And he was saying "Please mom, I ask you with all my soul" , and he advised his brother: "Say please from all your heart, Cristian" (ro: Zice din toata inima, Cristian)

When I go to pick him up he just asks me: "Mom, did you bring me something?" (ro: "Zice adevarul, mi-ai adus ceva?"). No "Hi mom!", no nothing....

So, tell me, isn't he one of the thousands "cutest boys" out there?

I wrote this on the back of my mind while he was trying to fall asleep on me (in my arms). He still does this and I love it.

Tudor is writing now th story of the best 20 years of my life. He will go out there to conquer the world afterwards. And when he does that, I need to have plenty of memories to last me for another 20 years or so. When it will be harder and harder to hold him in my arms. And yes, I am crying while writing this. Tears of happiness that he chose me to be his mom.

Happy birthday, Tudison*!

*that's how Cristian calls him sometimes, or more recently Salmonic (ro: Somonic)

P.S. a funny story and my birthday wish for Cristian, last year