8 June 2014

400 steps closer

400 is a Harshad number

Four hundred is also:
the Four Hundred (oligarchy) of ancient Athens;
an HTTP status code for a bad client request;
a Lebanese card game;
the Sun is approximately 400 times the size of the Moon but also is approximately 400 times further away, creating the temporary illusion in which the Sun and Moon in Earth's sky appear as if of similar size.

I am 400 posts into blogging. I no longer aim for a destination but I surely enjoy the journey. As much as I can. With lots of other things on my plate, I am less present because, really, I can't find the energy nor the time. But I don't want to quit  and I miss my alone time with a blank post in front of me. It's my thing and I really can't afford to let it go. What would there be left of me: an employee, a mother, a wife, a friend...?!  But no ME, really me. I need a piece of me for myself...

... here I am again, soul searching, joy sharing and simply being me. Most of the days I like me and I hope you do, too...

Don't give up on you!

P.S. my 100 , 200  and 300 posts

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