25 May 2014

The room with the view

I flied and gone to Istanbul. I know, I know. Fly, flew, flown. Do you know the expression "I died and went to haven" ? Well, that's exactly how I felt on my first day in Istanbul. It's that special time of year, when, if we are lucky, me and A. "elope" for a holiday of our own. It's so special firstly because travelling for me is one of the best things one can do in a life time. Also, I have time for myself and we have time to rediscover ourselves again. To walk the streets hand in hand and remember why we were together in the first place.

Anyways, when I arrived at the hotel the room was very nice.

I enjoyed all the little details like the very luxurious mirror and the porcelain handles. But the real surprise came when I walked in the balcony.

The view of the Golden Horn was really the highlight of my week in Istanbul. Looking at the boats coming and going and contemplating the (what it seems like) "infinity" of the water gives me serenity. The one we thrive for every day....(and the funny part is I'd never thought something good could ever come of A. smoking, but it was the reason we were given the room with the view).

A view a day keeps the doctor away!

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