5 May 2014

The one thing more powerful than all the energy in the universe

My Easter bunny brought me a day to spend with my kids, while almost everybody else was back to work. We had breakfast out by the water fountain while my boys were running around and I enjoyed my coffee. After other nice activities we ended up at the cinema. Cristian wanted to see "Rio 2", but the next available movie was "Tarzan". I was a little worried that Tudor won't like having his 3D glasses on, but he enjoyed the movie a lot. As for me, I was sure I would be very bored by the end. And I wasn't. The scenery in the movie is very Avatar like and it was ok for a date with my boys. And speaking about the end, it was my favorite part with a very nice conclusion:

"Tarzan had found the one thing more powerful than all the energy in the universe: the love of a woman"

Isn't this a very nice thought to start the week with, or even better every day with?! Girl power is love power!

Have a lovely week filled with joy!

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