18 May 2014

The night of museums 2014

Part I - National Village Museum

Because we like the Night of Museums so much we left home around 3pm on Saturday just in time for the opening of National Village Museum. It was like any visit to a park but with a special, beautiful scenery. The boys were very nosey, curios to enter the national houses present there, and went back and forth to see everything there was to see. We staid there for almost 4 hours, until the closing time. We bought some hand made toys, ate gingerbread,met friends, wander around, had some rain drops in the sun, it was a really fine afternoon.

Part II - The National History Museum

The 4 hours spent outside were enough for Tudor so, on our way to the Old Town, he fell asleep and slept for the entire second part of the afternoon. I expected this and luckily we had the stroller with us.

While he enjoyed his late nap on a terrace with A., Cristian and I went to the National History Museum. We waited in line for about 40 minutes to get in. And yes, I could have come another day and pay the ticket but the Night of the Museums is special. And Cristian needs to learn that waiting in line is not only for supermarkets. While we waited, I learnt that Cristian was scared of getting closers to the soldiers/actors that were preparing for the battle. Yes, there was a battle reenactment at the exit of the museum with sand bags as trenches and gun shots playing loudly in the speakers. It was Cristian's favorite part. Mine was the temporary exhibit "Clothes make the man" - 600 years of costume history.

Source: resboiu.ro

I am already looking forward to the next museum adventure next year and this was the one a year before, if you'd like to see.

A museum a day keeps the doctor away!

P. S. Postcard from Sibiu

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