13 May 2014

If you should try anything this spring: sneakers

The one thing I like most about fashion is its playfulness. Better said, fashion is boring and can be frustrating too, but personal style can be very inspiring. Trends are there to bring money into the fashion business but sometimes they are also an invitation to try new things, improve our personal style. This way we can surprise others and, most important, ourselves with new combinations and new ways of mixing what we already have in our closet.

This spring sneakers are fashion stars, especially when paired with more elegant items. This is something I've been experimenting with but still have to master the tutu like skirt with sneakers. Here are some more photos if you'd like: from Chanel runnaway to Dior and out in the streets.

Enjoy spring with everything it has to offer, including a nice pair of sneakers!

P.S. Style tips from "The Sartorialist: Closer"

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